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>”LVXVS FASHION” by Doina Pirau


  1. How would you describe the woman ”Doina Pirau” ?

D.P: Doina Pirau the woman has an innate elegance, a life filled with style and refinement. This comes from within and transposes into attitude and clothing style. A woman conscious of her inner femininity that has the strength to show this and at the same time has a captivating personality.

  1. How would you describe the Doina Pirau brand?
D.P: Even if it is just starting, the fundamental characteristic of the Doina Pirau brand are quality and design and strives to present the audiences with collections truly valuable especially from the creative point of view. 

  1. Name 3 things that inspired you in your latest collection….
D.P: I can say that it all began with the idea of creating a bag, a fact that impacted on me. This initial model became the focal point around which I developed and built the entire collection, both in what regards the dresses, the handbags, and a part of the footwear.

  1. How do you see the development of the “Doina Pirau” brand in Romania?
D.P: I hope to have a progressive development and to be able to offer good reasons to earn the trust of the fashion consuming public.

  1. How should a designer differentiate from others in order to be successful?
D.P: I could speak about what a designer should do in order to be successful: not be influenced if he/she strongly believes in an idea, go all the way.

  1. A “cool” detail from your latest collection….
D.P: I believe that a “cool” and less usual detail is represented by the combination of leather and veil. The leather was processed manually – a process that needs time and a lot of attention in performing perforations.

  1. Skirt or pants?
D.P: I fell just as comfortable in a skirt as in pants.

  1. What type of accessories?
D.P: If it fits, I will associate the skirt with a waste defining belt, and the pants for example ones with a classic cut, I wear all the time with high heel sandals or shoes.

  1. Three adjectives for your favorite outfit…
D.P: Elegant, impeccable, and comfortable.

  1.  How do you dress when you want to be “different”…?
D.P: This happens every time I use a not so common piece from my wardrobe.

  1.  Do you like shopping?
D.P: When I need something I do it with pleasure although I have a tough time finding the items I need. Most times I end up creating them my-self.

  1.  Where do you shop?
D.P: Because there is greater diversity, I tend to go to malls in Cluj but I don’t exclude other stores. Each time I travel in a new city I like to explore the offer of the local stores.

  1.  Favorite designers…?
D.P: John Galliano, because with his collections and shows he manages to take the spectator in a special, story like state.

  1. The color that most inspires you in your collections?
D.P:  I like colors very much and so I couldn’t limit my self to one, I actually have a project where I’m trying to explore more the coloring side.

  1. Is there a person that you admire for his/hers style? Who is that person?
D.P: I admire Sophia Loren.

  1. How do you transform a day took into an evening look?
D.P: The most forthcoming thing would be changing the footwear and the hand accessories (handbag, purse,  clutch…) and of course the hair style, the makeup, and the jewels that make a great difference.

  1.  The most important thing in a purse….
D.P: I’d have to say the wallet; and if it’s a Doina Pirau leather wallet, all the better.

  1.  What accessories define Doina Pirau the woman?
D.P: Most certainly the purse and shoes.

  1.  Your favorite thing from your closet?
D.P: I have a jacket that is very special to me; it has a special cut with influences from the 80’s and a neon blue color.

  1.  Your passion is….
D.P: Fashion with all its aspects. I’m passionate about all the details of an outfit starting with the clothes, purses, footwear, and ending with jewelry, various other accessories; choreography and fashion photography.

  1. Is a recognizable look important in the fashion world?
D.P: Of course, I believe this is what every designer strives for, to establish their own look and be recognized. It is ideal to be recognized for your creations and I believe that only then can someone be called a great fashion designer.

  1.  Do you believe fashion blogs are important?
D.P: I think they are very important, as everything new and fresh can reach persons interested in real time. But the reader must make a selection over here to because not all bloggers have the capacity to analyze and transmit correct information.

  1.  What is a must have for a fashion blog?
D.P: Information.

  1. Three things describing Cluj Fashion Week…
D.P: Appetency, adaptability and force…the force to go on.

  1. Fashion in Transylvania?
D.P: I believe in the energy of this place, in the ingenuity of designers, Transylvania is an auspicious place for the development of creativity. With a little bit of preoccupation, both human and material resources can be found; and with a joint effort involving cooperation between designers, production facilities, financial institutions, specialized press, fashion critics and various actions of promotions all can lead to the accomplishment of competitive products on the international market, and why not, “made in Transylvania” become a guarantee of the quality of products.  

by Myra

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