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>Alberto Annibali’s IntervieW by Myra


Since his childhood, Alberto Annibali was attracted to the world of fashion and the creativity involved in fine tailoring
He then decided to refine his diverse education and experience by beginning to work for major labels. After his collaboration for Ittierre S.p.a. for Versus-Gianni Versace e Gianfranco Ferrè Jeans, the high fashion phase of his career culminated with the start of a collaboration with Valentino in Rome for the men’s design studio. Additionally he worked as an independent fashion stylist .

In 2007 he created his own label and presented his first collection to the industry. The collection expresses the culmination of his experiences as he understood that it’s not only about fashion itself, but also includes a deep understanding of tailoring, fabrics, cultures and lifestyles

His experience, which has strong roots in Men’s fashion, compelled him to enter the world of Women’s fashion as a natural progression of everything he did.

The passion for Men’s wear is transformed into a passion for the female personality and clearly expresses the love that a woman has for a man, for his world and for his style.

The ALBERTOANNIBALI woman is a woman who travels around the world, growing through the exposure to influences from the various places she’s been, secure and proud of herself, yet passionate and fragile at the same time, in love with her man and his style, that she often uses as tool to seduce him.

Myra : How would you describe the woman ‘’Alberto Annibali’’ ?

A.A. : She is feminine and seductive, she has personality and she does not like to be in the spotlight.
She prefers  being herself and she use fashion to feel better and to feel confident with herself.

Myra : How would you describe the ‘’Alberto Annibali’’ brand?

A.A. : It is a brand for women who use fashion to underline their personality, to seduce without being too sexy or eccentric.

Myra : Name 3 things that inspired you in your latest collection….

A.A. : Bon ton, formalwear, fluidity.

Myra : How do you see the development of the “Alberto Annibali” brand in Italy?

A.A. :I would like to develop it as something special not for everybody, not for an  high street culture, and absolutely not only for young girls, but for women who feel confident with themselves.
I am doing little steps to do  create a world where women can feel free to be.

Myra : How should a designer differentiate from others in order to be successful?

A.A. :Just being yourself and look at what your costumer really needs.

Myra : A “cool” detail from your latest collection….

A.A. :The contrats between the men’s blazer and the fluid silk dress worn together.

Myra : A “cool” detail from your fashion life….
Do not use to many colors at once which mean be faithful  to what I am  like.

Myra : Your favorite outfit…is…?

A.A. : From my spring collection is a white ruffle silk dress worn with a canvas kaki blazer.
Speaking about my self, I always wear kaki trousers a grey t-shirt and a blue  jumper.

Myra : Three adjectives for your favorite outfit…

A.A. : Easy to wear, elegant, all day long

Myra : How does a woman dress when she wants to be “different”…?

A.A. : I do not believe in dress up like a clown or in a  catwalk style.
The best is to wear a fluid dress who makes her feel feminine, sexy without look to aggressive.

Myra : Do you like shopping?

A.A. : I quite like it but I am very exigent in fact when I need to buy something for myself i just have to be really impressed by what I see.

Myra : Favorite designers…?

A.A. : I like very much Halston(the American designer himself from the 70’s) and on the opposite side one of my maestro, Gianni Versace(himself).
Valentino (himself) it is one of the great couturier ever.

Myra : Favorite brands…?

A.A. : I do like Banana Republic, very American, very easy and chic and personally I like Bottega Veneta.

Myra : The color that most inspires you in your collections?

A.A. : Definitely  all the shades of grey, pink and green.

Myra : Is there a person that you admire for his/hers style? Who is that person?

A.A. : I always liked Lauren Hutton as a  beauty and as a woman.

Myra : How does a woman transforms a day look into an evening look?

A.A. : The right accessory it is very important of course, but I believe that women before get ready for a daylook or an evening look they should think where they are  going.
One can not go on a party dress up like a singer in a music video, or wear a miniskirt  and very high heels for a business meeting.

Myra : Your favorite thing from your ‘’dress room’’?

A.A. : Oh god I don’t want to sounds boring but can I say my grey t.shirts?
I have at least 30 different styles, different shades and fabric but all grey!

Myra : Your passion is….

A.A. : Feel myself passionate. Without I would not be myself.

Myra : Is a recognizable look important in the fashion world?

A.A. : Right now I if a woman wear  skinny trousers and a padded shoulder blazer could be very 2011.
But to be sincere  there is not a proper “fashion look”.
I mean, every woman want to look different  from another, and for this reason there are many different looks.
Back in the days the look was one, total black.

Myra : Do you think that fashion blogs are important?

A.A. : Oh yes they are very important, they are the new way to communicate fashion, opinions, and some of them they are very interesting.
I read some of  them everyday.

Myra : What is a must have for a fashion blog?

A.A. : Personally I believe they have to talk about people and not just about themselves( I like this I like that I ‘ve done this etc.)

Myra : Describe the Italian Customer…

A.A. : The north Italian costumer is very trendy, minimal and exclusive, very Milano style.
From Rome, Florence to the rest of south Italy, it is more about personal style, quality but for a fair price( if it is not labeled)
But please I do not want to look generalist!
We are basically very different from town to town.

Myra : 3 things that defines the ‘’Italian fashion world’’.
A.A. : Design, Manufacturing, Everlasting

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FALL-WINTER 2010/2011



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