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>IntervieW – CALLISTI – ”For the most beautiful”


Thank you Ms. Muller for being with me today…
1. Myra: In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?
I started creating and sewing at the young age of 13. I studied graphic design but from the beginning on I used every free minute to design clothes… 19 years old, I presented my first collection successfully in an avant-garde fashion shop in the Viennese 1 District. My big and very successfull career started in 2007 with launching my label CALLISTI.
2. Myra : What inspired you to get into Fashion Design?
When I started I designed and sewed clothes for myself, friends and people around me. In this time you could not get any funky, outstanding designed and well-fitting figure-hugging clothes in my hometown Vienna in Austria so I decided to create and produce it by myself!
3. Myra : Martina Muller as a child …. As a woman?

As a child I always wanted to be an adult… to be independent & self-contained… wanted to do my own thing… never really needed help of my parents… and this kept being the same way until now.
4. Myra : How do you intend women to feel when wearing Callisti labeled clothing?

The CALLISTI style emphasizes the female body and its lines. Bringing out each unique woman‘s own femininity, not disguising it, it is a request to focus and bring out the advantages of the female body. CALLISTI is Greek origins. “KALISTE”, means: “For the most beautiful“. This is how a woman should feel while wearing my creations.
5. Myra : Describe in some words – the values of the brand ‘’Callisti’’.
CALLISTI focuses on Prêt-à-porter / Ready to Wear collections and since 2009 as well on the Couture-clothing-line that shows elegant an stylish evening dresses. The CALLISTI style is feminine, tailored, enhancing & sexy but always with a noble, classical touch. A dress is a gown to me who combines a romantic imagination and a passion for glamour with business sense. Every single piece, whilst never being to outrageous is essentially all about sensuality and feminine power.
6. Myra : Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.
My vision is to be recognised as a design driven and inspiring global brand. Based on loyalty, honesty and long-lasting relationships the company aims to be a well respected player in the industry. The goal is to achieve international acclaim and commercial success in boutiques around the world. Started last year I am planning to sell my collections to appropriate stores around the globe. At the same time I am keen to retain the exclusivity of the brand, so I have limits of the production of each piece.
7. Myra : What about fashion as a business?
It is a lot of work, you need to love what you do and always give 100%… you must hang on than it is possible.
8. Myra : I saw ‘’Callisti’’ on some important shows in the world , like NY Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week . Can you tell me the differences between these markets?
New York is more casual and wearable… it is all about money, you must sell what you produce! Paris & London are absolutely crazy… the more freaky & funky the design the better is the chance to be seen & successful.
9. Myra : Your favourite Fashion Week was…?
I prefer New York Fashion Week and also Vienna Fashion Week as an upcoming successful fashion-event.

10. Myra : Your favourite outfit by ‘’Callisti’’…
Is the scandalous ripped dress… it is a leather-dress with cut-outstyle.
11. Myra : …your inspiration?
I get inspired mostly from travelling, the people on the streets, movies, different cultures, magazines, on fairs..
12. Myra : How do you put your chosen colors together?
Nude or green mixed up with grey, beige or brown is a must this summer.
13. Myra : Name 3 things that inspired you in your latest collection….
Gladiators, Space-Shuttle-Uniforms, the suit of armor.

14. Myra : When you create something, what goes through your mind?
The most important thing for me always is not to encase and cover someone than to ctothe someone… emphasizing the female body and its lines.
15. Myra : If you could do anything else, what would it be?
I really love and also do photography. If I would be able to I would probably be a singer 😉
16. Myra : What for you is exciting in fashion now?
I think it’s exciting that nowadays you can wear pretty much everything as soon as it is combined well & with taste… there are all different kind of looks and styles … a rock´n roller also can look great just as well as a super-diva in a figure-hugging costume.
17. Myra : Are there any designers, past or present, that you would have liked to work with?
AF Vandervorst, Tom Ford, Yigal Azrouël, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens.
18. Myra : What skills do you need to be a fashion designer?
What u need to have is a an outranging sense for design, creativity & style…. u need to have the right feeling for what people like to wear in 2 years and what colors will be hip… you need to know what styles are fitting good together and what are no-goes… you need to have endless new great ideas and be able to implement them…
19. Myra : What do you do during the day?
Creating, designing, producing.
20. Myra : The best place for shopping is…
New Nork.
21. Myra : Your passion is…
Designing clothes.
22. Myra : Do you think that fashion blogs are important? Why?
Definitely because its a lot easier, faster & cheaper than going to the store and getting some magazines .. turn on your computer and brows!
23. Myra : The best moment of the day…
The first hours after waking up… than I’m full of 100% energy.

24. Myra : Finally, do you have any fashion advice or styling tips you could give to our readers? If we invest in one thing this season, what should it be?
Totally hip is the mix of strong but fine materials like lamb nappa leather in combination with light and flowy silk-chiffon pieces of clothing.
Thank You


Martina Mueller

Born in 1975, in Vienna, Martina Mueller has arrived enthusiastically on the fashion and design scene after several years. She started creating and sewing at the young age of 13 for her friends and family. At 19 years old, she presented her first collection successfully in an avant-garde fashion shop in the Viennese 1 District. Then at 23, at the end of her university studies as a graphic-designer, Martina Mueller went to Miami and New York, where she derived the influences for her next collections. Her inspirations came from the diversity of the people, the Broadway theaters and the art and architecture. The elegance and simplicity of the architectural landscape, glamourized by mirrored glass and classical lines, with elegant, ornate details shows up impressively in her latest work.
In January 2007 Martina Mueller launched her label “CALLISTI” and opened up her first store in Vienna. She is the Creative Director, the heart and the brain behind CALLISTI. Her unique sense of aesthetics has already earned her a distinguished place in the fashion business nationwide and everything she produces reflects her exclusive approach to elegance. She has a deep understanding of woman’s form and shape and there is a huge amount of integrity in her work. The ambition behind CALLISTI is to evolve and develop the distinctive design universe reflecting Ms. Muellers unique style.
In January 2007 Martina Mueller launched her own label CALLISTI and in the very same year she opened her first store in Vienna. The designer focuses on Prêt-à-porter / Ready to Wear Collections. In 2009 she broadened her range by designing her first Couture Line, the “Luxury Couture Line” that from now on will re-emerge annually. The designer kept a collection in mind that is meant to embody timeless elegance and modern sensuality! Within the last 3 years and with each new collection the company and reputation have grown considerably! The store has seen each collection evolve with ever more ingenuity, reinforcing her unique brand of modern couture.
The label is extremely well featured in the media, both on tv, and in all renowned Austrian magazines and newspapers. Furthermore Martina Mueller is dressing famous austrian and german actresses, singers and topmodels like Katrin Lampe, Lena Gercke, Gitta Saxx, Lena Reichmuth, Sabine Petzl, Lilian Klebow und lots more. Most recently Martina Mueller presented her Label CALLISTI at the Vienna Fashion Week and the LUXURYPlease Exhibition.
Martina Mueller’s vision is to be recognised as a design driven and inspiring global brand. Based on loyalty, honesty and long-lasting relationships the company aims to be a well respected player in the industry. The goal is to achieve international acclaim and commercial success in boutiques around the world. Starting from now Martina Mueller is planning to sell her collections to appropriate stores around the globe. At the same time the designer is keen to retain the exclusivity of the brand, so she limits the production of each piece.

Zuccabar’s Concubine I
Zuccabar’s Concubine II

Venezia Drama Fashionista

Summer 2011 PrevieW

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”Hello Fashion World”

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

>11 – Steps For Fashionable Success In 20-11


”This has been a week for catching up, checking in and coordinating.  After reviewing all of the emails I saved six months ago to follow up on, I  realized that the most common question I’ve been asked in 2010 is: “How do I become a success in the fashion industry?” The question came from bloggers, designers, students and professionals — individuals who wanted to become social media consultants, start an agency or become the next top blogger — they all had voices that wanted to be heard.
Tips on fashion business success
Here are my 11 insights for moving towards a more successful existence in the fashion industry in 2011 — in no particular order:
1. LOVE: You have to LOVE the what you do. You have to LOVE your business, your blog, your company and your talents. LOVE is the only constant through the ups and downs you’re going to experience as your move forward in your life and career.
2. LOYALTY: A successful business is built on LOYALTY.  If someone helps you move forward, seize the opportunity to help him or her when you’re in the position to return the favor; do it no questions asked! Be cautious about burning bridges; as you grow older, you’ll find that rebuilding those bridges becomes harder and harder to do.  But remember, never allow kindness and LOYALTY to be mistaken for weakness. Stay away from relationships that contain one way streets, no reciprocity and parties who think your kind intentions make you a door mat.
3. GUT: You’ve got to trust your GUT — the inner core of your being that contributes to your success.  Unfortunately, we sometimes give our LOYALTY to the wrong person or alliance.  Learn from these mistakes; if your GUT tells you no, stirring those familiar feelings of deceit or anxiety, move gracefully and swiftly away.  This is a necessary art to master in your personal and professional worlds.
4. PASSION: Closely interwoven with LOVE, you need PASSION. Do you know how Margiela was inspired by 17th century Japanese footwear? Do you find that website code creates fashionable, poetic haiku? Do you Tumblr towards ecstasy in search of fashionable online content?  That PASSION is fueled by your LOVE of fashion. That PASSION enables you to stop following trends in fashion and business and become an expert — a person who is a trendsetter and adviser within a specific  niche.
5. SELF: Can you remove yourself and analyze a problem from a non-biased point of view?  Do you follow the latest trends that the Internet and magazines are raving about, or are the trends they’re introducing already old in your mind by the time they’ve reached your ears? Learn to transcend the now — stop living your life in perpetual beta or real-time; take some time to focus on teaching your SELF to transcend being reactionary and become a visionary. The evolution of SELF is something that only you can do.
6. MARCH: You have to MARCH to the beat of your own drum.  It’s important to cultivate this practice, as opposed to mindlessly marching along with the masses.  Working on SELF will help you MARCH with confidence on your path. I would also recommend taking up a Yoga practice of your choice.
7. RISE: A few years ago, I experienced career epiphanies through slight intoxication with a well known figure in technology (It was SXSW – you kinda have to drink in Texas). Not realizing the impact and truthfulness of the conversation until later, I’d like to share it now.
This person told me, “Macala, cream rises to the top. Stop paying attention to your perceived competition, because you know what? It’s exactly what I said, it’s your perception. Go create your own world through the content you produce. Tell your story and your industry’s story from your perspective. If you’re right, you’ll RISE. The people you can’t get to to will come to you.”
8. INVEST: I’ve always said that FashionablyMarketing.Me and my other properties were companies or ideas built on Open Source and Broken Dreams. There’s a commonality in everyone that works for any media property or company of mine. They love fashion and they’re hungry.  Their PASSION drives them to work for what they ultimately want. What’s more, open source software and social platforms enabled me to find them.
Once I found them, I got to know them, and interestingly enough, found that each of us had a story that had caused our lives to shatter in some way; leaving us with broken dreams and hearts. But our PASSION and sense of SELF caused us to rebuild and MARCH towards our dreams. I’ve INVESTED in every partner or employee related to my business. I’m a firm believer in the “hire for attitude, train for skill” approach. All that glitters is not gold; it’s better to mold what you need than to find a pre-made, perfect (or what seems to be perfect) person to fill a role.
9. RELIEVE: Sometimes after we’ve INVESTED, we realize we’ve made the wrong choices. It’s okay — to err is human, to forgive is divine. But once you realize that you’ve made an error, you have to RELIEVE that situation. In order to grow the right way, hire  people and partner with other companies slowly and smartly. Build long term relationships instead of one night stands. If you make a mistake, dissolve the relationship quickly and tactfully.
10. RISK: Sometimes you have to trust your GUT and take a RISK — whether calculated or simply crazy. If you don’t investigate or implement those ideas you just have a hunch about or that idea that took you from your sleep at 2AM on Tuesday, you can miss valuable opportunities! The Internet is a digital experimentation playground. Go for broke – why do you think VCs invest in so many technologies?
11. FREE: I hate the model of FREE, but in paying your dues, you are going to do things for FREE. But here’s the key to FREE:  always do things for FREE or for profit, but never do them for cheap. After you’ve paid your dues, make sure you get your value. ”
by Macala Wright

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>Chanel – Reflect your stYle with thE Chanel Mirror Collection


…like…like…like…like! Maison Chanel … new sunglasses stYle…. carui femei  ii lipseste ”oglinjoara” din poseta cand nu mai simte gustul ”rosu” al capsunilor de pe buze … Eh…Maison Chanel ne surprinde in mod placut si a creat ochelarii de soare cu oglinjoara ascunsa ”in piele” … montata in lateral 🙂  Linea propusa pentru SS 2011 cuprinde 5 variante in culori diferite…

…..where…? Chanel Boutiques! 🙂 Like…like…like…YaY

Le fashioniste sempre in tiro e alla ricerca di prodotti esclusivi non potranno farsi sfuggire questa chicca della Maison Chanel. Un bellissimo paio d’occhiali da sole con specchietto a scomparsa montato sulla stanghetta e rivestito di pelle trapuntata, la stessa usata per le borse. La linea, proposta per la primavera/estate 2011, comprende cinque varianti colore e saranno in vendita presso le boutiques Chanel.


…Have a nice evening!| mYra |

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”Our clothes are designed for individuals for who a piece of clothing does not only represent their personality,but also their lifestyle!”

Vreau sa va prezint ceva diferit, original, fresh si mai ales ”UNIC”! 

Boro si Reka , doua tinere care au absolvit Universitatea de Arta si Design in anul 2008….s-au gandit sa adopte un concept foarte original denumit ”LU’LU’AH” 

….. nume care defineste ”o perla” , simbol al feminitatii manifestate in diverse moduri! 

Au considerat ca in Romania lipsesc total de pe piata produsele unice, de o calitate diferita. Au vrut o marca purtabila, produse adevarate si nu niste instalatii artistice… Lucreaza din greu ca sa dea o personalitate puternica acestei marci.

In primul an au vandut la Bucuresti, din 2010 in Zurich, iar momentan doar aici fiindca in Romania nu mai pot vinde absolut nimic.
Cu ajutorul lui Calin Mihai Chiver , directorul CFW ,  au avut cateva prezentari anul trecut, si au avut posibilitatea sa prezinte la CFW , prima editie. Insa au decis ca aceste prezentari nu au scop direct de marketing, nu le aduc clienti, dar investesc sume mari, deci toamna nu participa nicaieri. 

Fac o colectie pe sezon, le vand in magazine multibrand cu alti tineri designeri (Young Designer Shop), o categorie bine conturata in alte tari… 

O poveste frumoasa , care ne vorbeste despre stil unic… Talente extraordinare , creatii unice si originale stau in spatele acestui brand, doar ca lipseste ceva…hai sa dam VALOARE impreuna acestui brand … Hai sa cunoastem mai bine personalitatea ”LU’LU’AH”! Eu ”am inceput” de la START si am vorbit cu Boro, o tipa extraordinar de hotarata in ceea ce face , un talent desavarsit care lupta cu ”labirintul” sistemelor romanesti pentru a arata ca ”LU’LU’AH” are valoare… I like her stYle… I love ‘LU’LU’AH’!!!

Am colaborat cu colegii mei de la ”Flash Me” – ”Stories behind a flash” si impreuna vrem sa dam un contur cat mai frumos si de valoare brand-ului ”LU’LU’AH” !


Myra : ‘’Lu’lu’ah’’ , un brand foarte original care vorbeste despre unicitate si originalitate . Cum a luat nastere conceptul ‘’Lu’lu’ah’’?

Boro:  In timpul facultatii ne doream foarte mult sa creem/producem haine purtabile pe care le putem vinde. Ni s-a parut, ca un produs fara valoare pe piata nu poate sa fie un produs bun. Noi credem in acest concept, acesta este diferenta majora intre design si arta. Cum ne-am gandit mai mult si mai mult la definirea acestei marci, am considerat, ca s-ar putea  sa fie chiar o nisa in primul rand pe piata romaneasca, dar nu numai: designerii tineri lucreaza mai mult piese conceptuale. Cei care iau in considerare nevoile pietii……

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